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All Extensions Require a Free Consultation Prior to Appointment.

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Micro Loop Hair Extensions are made from quality 100% human Remy hair.

The application of micro loop extensions is fast and simple - just thread the hair through the loop and clamp the ring shut.

The removal is just as easy - open the ring and slide out of the hair making the process harmless to the hair.

They are a great way to add length, body, thickness and style to your hair.


Mini-Tips Hair Extensions are Grade AAAA+ finest quality 100% Remy Hair which is sourced from the southern regions of Russia.

The hair is hand selected to ensure the best quality and will last 6 - 9 months with good maintenance and refitting is recommended every 3 months to reposition the Mini Locks back to your natural hair.

Our most popular hair extension with clean and easy application as well as removal.

The German Keratin Bond is softer to work better as a cushion inside the Mini Lock to create tiny flat bonds so comfortable to wear and discreet so no one would know you have extensions.  


Louise and the team have a combined 30+ years experience specialising in hair extensions.

Prices from £275 and we can have your hair colour matched and fitted within 24 hours depending on work load.